The journey starts inside. When your Soul heals, your life gets transformed

Move Forward Confidently!


Do you know what is limiting your possibilities? The first 8 experiences of the Hero’s Journey are designed to identify, recognize and liberate the memories from the past and the ancestral ones that could be affecting your present and what you want to manifest in your life.


Are you ready to set your Self on a  deep level of empowerment? These second part of 8 Acts of Empowerment or experiences are designed to set you at cellular, mental, emotional and energetic level within your Self and towards your visions. 


Are you moving forward in the direction of your visions? This third part of Hero’s Journey is 8 experiences designed to set your visions, your strengths, your gifts, and your self-leadership into action. 


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12 Keys to Unlock your Hidden Reality will be soon released with versions in Audiobook and e-book.


Our conferences are transformational experiences where people can identify and liberate past memories and limiting perspectives. These experiences are very awakening and healing at the same time. ​

Live workshops

Join our tribe. We are located in the city of Kissimmee / Orlando, Fl area. We meet every week for group experiences from the Hero’s Journey program or for Family Constellations.

Life Coaching

Lost? no GPS? frustrated? without a plan B? Find, Transform and Liberate perspectives and limiting memories that impede the fulfillment of your personal, professional, or spiritual goals in life.

Are you in another city or country? No a problem! I work Online​

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1-321-900 5680

Online Courses and Therapies

Are you looking for a change in your life, but your time is limited? Have a transformative experience right from your home or your phone. I facilitate one on one and group therapies and experiences.

Family and Systemic Constellations

Resolve dysfunctional patterns from your ancestral tree. Liberate yourself and your clan to repeat patterns of unhappiness and suffering.
We meet for group sessions every week in Kissimmee, Fl.

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For online or in-person Life Coaching or Family Constellations therapy contact us at

Text me or via Whatsapp at +1 321 900 5680

We are located at 265 Coralwood Court, Kissimmee, Fl. 34743

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