I heard the voice said, “ready? go!” I froze. I was afraid of stepping forward since I had my eyes covered. I thought, “What if?”

Has it happened to you? Is it difficult for you to trust in the unknown?

The first time I visited Condor Blanco, a leadership organization in Pucon, Chile, I had an awakening experience.

The retreat center is located very far away from the city. We drove through rough roads to get there and then we hiked up the mountain to get to the main area. The snow peaks stand near impressively and the condors fly high above welcoming the visitors.


One morning, we left to an unknown adventure. We were 2 to 400 people. Suryavan, the leader, took us to a high valley surrounded by mountains. When we arrived, he said, “I will meet you up there” and he pointed to a mountain with no mark on it. I was confused. I didn’t understand where “up there” was clearly but I remained quiet. He continued, “you will have a guardian guide that can only give you 4 commands: right, left, straight or run”. I thought, “that makes things a lot easier, how considerate of him”. Then he finished saying, “but you are going with your eyes covered”.


When my guide covered my eyes, I could clearly hear the sounds around, the stream of a river close by, the birds chirping and the sound that others made when stepping on pebble stones.  When I heard the command “go”, my first reaction was to extend my right leg in front of me and touch the field without stepping, only sensing. Then, I stepped forward doing small steps slowly. I could sense others around. Progressively I started walking faster. I remember seeing a little hill at a certain distance before I had the blindfold on, and I felt it when I went up and down.

The challenge came when I heard the command, “now run!”. Immediately my mind said, “Nooo way! That is crazy! And dangerous! I can’t see where I am going. What if there is a hole and I fall in it? What if I break a leg, what if there is a cliff! What happened then, I cannot explain. While my mind was thinking of my fears, my inner power had already taken off and I was running across the field like a cheetah. Like there was no tomorrow.

I don’t know how that happened. Maybe it was adrenaline, or maybe the power of my spirit took over but at a certain moment, I noticed my thoughts disappeared, I was only doing.

Suddenly, I sensed the field changed, it became very steep. At this point I felt like I wasn’t human anymore, my breathing became stronger and I was climbing with the agility of a wild cat towards the unknown direction.

Along the way, I felt someone falling on me and I lost track for a few minutes. I took a moment to recover so I could continue. By now, my guide had caught up with me, grabbed me by the shoulders and made me sit on the ground. I was so empowered, I stood up again and say, “I don’t need a break, I’m o.k., I want to continue”. He again touched my shoulders and made me sit. That was the destination. I had made it. When I took the blindfold off, I could see how far I had come. I was the 4th one to arrive. I was perplexed to see how far you can go without eyes to see, mind to think or plan to follow, just by doing and trusting.


I left this experience with some insights:

1-            When you must step into the unknown it is o.k. to feel fear. Just don’t stay there for too long before your mind gives you the excuses not to continue. Usually, the first two questions that come to your mind are what if? Or should I do it?

2-            Sense the field. Take small steps to begin. When you feel more comfortable, step forward again into the uncomforting zone and so on until you reach your destination.

3-            There will be all kind of fields on your path: flat, steep, up and downs, stones, distractions, holes, and even cliffs. Keep your inner vision on your destination, the field is just part of the journey.

4-            Trust, you are not alone. Stay awake to the signs. Quiet your mind and follow your inner guide.

5-            Your mind is amazing, but your inner power is limitless. Honor that.

6-            Be adjustable to the changes. Be flexible to whatever happens on your way. Take a moment, resolve and continue.

7-            You don’t know how far you can go if you don’t take the first step.

8-            If you follow these steps you might get perplexed of how far you can go.


Mayadari del Sol