Feel Empowered!

For us to take action we need to FEEL that inner power.   

To feel that inner power we need to feel ready mentally, emotionally and energetically.

This step of the Hero’s Journey is intended to fulfill the gaps of self-recognition and to engage in nourishing practices that can keep us moving.

It is time to work out your mind to build your self-confidence.

No hero leaves on a journey without a map, a plan of action, and the tools for it.

Do you have yours?

Remember that where your mind goes energy flows.


Empower you Inner Hero

1. The Force from the Source

Experience on Family constellations to integrate both forces of life that came to you through your parents to allow you to move freely and confidently.  

2. The Inner Hero

Acknowledge the powerful tools of your Inner hero and experience energetically the integration of your Divine gifts, talents, and skills.

3. Strengthening the Hero

Choose practices that can cultivate your inner strength. Experience to engage habits and practices to maintain the energy levels of your hero up and going.

4. The Hero's Plan

Creation of a map of navigation based on your time and intentions. Experience, energetically, the step by step accomplishment of your plan and set yourself for it. 

5. Playing the Game

Get on the field of possibilities through this experience to allow the connections and the alignments that life has for you to happen. 

6. Meet Your Greatness

Experience and empower your true Origin. Integrate the part of your Self that you haven’t seen. 

7. The Return Home

Stepping into a new consciousness path or level that can take you closer to the Creator and to what you can manifest here.

8. Living your Dream

Live the accomplishment of your dreams from a higher perspective where the materialized results only show the power of the Creator within you.