Identify, recognize and liberate

the limiting programming that you felt during your gestation and childhood. Those memories are still pulsing within you and could be affecting your decisions, behaviors, beliefs, and thoughts, as well as defining your relationships, health, finances, and goals.

Many of the conflicts that you are living in today are related to your childhood and to the dysfunctional patterns that your family or ancestral system couldn’t resolve.  The no resolve issues from the past tend to be repeated by the descendants, unconsciously, by loyalty to their ancestors.

Can you recognize the unhealthy roots from your past that keep you trapped?


We weren't born free but we can liberate ourselves

Do your beliefs encourage or limit you?

The expansion of your horizon depends on the emancipation of your mind. We make decisions based on our socio-cultural conditioning and on what we learned from mom and dad as a child. We adjust to the preset to feel included, accepted and loved. But how many of these perspectives, beliefs, customs, and socio-cultural ideas serve us today?  and how many are limiting us?

Do you know the needs of your inner child? Although we appear to be adults, a wounded child still lives within us. We, as a child, created mechanisms to protect our hearts from pain or to survive by behaving in certain ways to get the attention, care, love, and protection we thought we need it. Somehow, unconsciously, we still behave or react in the same manner when we feel we need to fulfill those needs.



Our DNA has encoded memories from our ancestors that can affect us. Epigenetics has scientifically proved that we not only inherit genetics but we also inherit the memories of the adaptations that our ancestors lived to survive. Epi means above genetics. This means that the DNA profile does not change, but the activation of these memories can affect our development in aspects such as our health, our tastes, the way we think, our emotional responses and the way we behave. Certain external factors such as the environment, parenting, and nature can affect the development of inherited genes.

Through Family and Systemic Constellations, we can identify the underlying family bonds and forces that have been carried unconsciously over several generations. This process can liberate the present and future generations from suffering and unhappiness.

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Follow this part of the journey to identify and liberate the roots of your self-limitations

1. The Line of Your Life

Can you recognize the repetitive patterns that you are following in your life?

In this experience, and through recapitulation, you will draw a navigation map of the memories from your past to acknowledge the unconscious tendencies that you have been following.


2. Breakpoints

What fear limit your possibilities?

In this experience, you will recognize and integrate the memories that make you vulnerable and block you from growing, strengthening, and moving forward in life.

3. Conditioning

Are you aware of the perspectives that are limiting your fulfillment?

In this experience, you will dig deep to identify and recreate several of your limiting perspectives related to love, money, and happiness.

4. Child Memories

Can you recognize the needs of your inner child?

In this experience, you will identify and integrate the psychological reality of the inner child who dwells within you, his or her wounds, games of protection or survival, and needs.



5. Ancestral Memories

Can you recognize what unresolved memories from your ancestors are affecting your present and what you want to manifest?

This experience is to liberate the identification with the family system and to integrate the two strengths of life that keep you moving towards a different destiny.


6. Closing Circles

Are you aware of what you chose to experience?

In this experience, you will feel the comprehension of what you chose to experience and heal, taking responsibility for it, and accepting it with love and gratitude.



7. Your place in the world

Where is your place in the world?

In this experience, you will feel the sense of belonging and hierarchy within you family system and within the whole unit to what we all belong to, the oneness. 

8. Honoring Life

Do you know that your change can contribute to the change of humanity?

In this experience, you will have a higher comprehension of your life here, of the ones that came before you, of your experiences, and of the relevance of your steps of healing and transformation as a service to humanity and to the Origin of all.  The healing of one is the healing of all.

Closing Ceremony of the first part of Hero’s Journey.