Feel the transformation!

Epigenetics has proved, scientifically, that it is possible to change the memories of the past through visualization, sound, and intention. These tools can also help us change thoughts and emotions.

The second part of Hero’s Journey is intended to recreate and integrate parts of yourself that can help you strengthen your individual growth using tools like visualization, sound, movement, wording, intention, and imagination.

A true transformation needs an experience that not only gives us an observation or an understanding of what we need to change but a FEELING of change.

A transformation happens when we get to experience what it is to FEEL complete, secure, provided and loved. Then, the mind follows that change.

Live the Experience!

The Acts of Empowerment were created to give an experience of fulfillment. These experiences can create a new feeling of wholeness that gets imprinted at a cellular, energetic, emotional and mental level.  These dynamics set the person towards what he or she wants to manifest or accomplish. They can also be used to change conflicting past memories for functional ones or to reprogram the mind.


How do the Acts of Empowerment work?

The subconscious mind is like the basement of your home where you store all your memories, beliefs, habits, perspectives and desires. All of these define how you see the world. So, your reality is based on them. This means that your subconscious mind works in automatic to attract experiences into your life of what you believe is true.

In order for us to get different results about what we want we must first change those beliefs. And for a transformation to be effective we need to FEEL the change, so we can BELIEVE it is true.

The acts of empowerment evoke an experience where you can feel the manifestation of what you want or need making the subconscious mind to believe that it already happened. It is like playing a trick to it. Our subconscious does not differentiate between reality or imagination, or past and future, it just believes it is happening in the present moment. The feeling of that moment is what creates the transformation. 

The Acts of Empowerment use creativity and intention to heal, create and manifest ideas, dreams, visions or goals. The process involves visualization, writing, drawing, acting, and movement. You don’t need to be an artist to do this process, you only need to resonate with this concept, and to allow yourself to live the experience.

The effectiveness of these Acts happens through the feeling of achievement at the moment of the act.


1. Your Vision is Already Happening

Create a map of visions and experience yourself in the thrilling manifestation of your creations.

2. Breaking Free

Breakthrough. Seeing without perceptions. Transcend socio-cultural, systemic and ancestral barriers to reconnect to your Divine self, the Origin of all.

3. I say yes! To my Self

Self-commitment experience to listen to your heart allowing your inner leader and wisdom to guide you. Balance masculine and feminine energies. 

4. The Wise Tree

Honor your ancestors for the legacy that allows you to evolve into an improved version of what they cultivated for you to have. Your accomplishment is theirs.

5. Once upon a time, there was a Happy Child

Soul retrieval experience to integrate the pieces of your inner child that are connected to your creativity and joy.

6. The Shadow

Recognition of your Shadow side. Integrate what you reject from yourself, surrender to your human side, create healthy boundaries, and strengthen your inner power consciously.  

7. The Alchemist

Conquer the self-sabotaging voices within you and transform them into strengths. Liberate the roots of those voices and integrate them with gratitude.   

8. The Visionary

See beyond your horizon. Make your pain into strength and help others transform. Fulfill your mission as you share and inspire your journey of transformation. What you came to heal is what you came to teach.